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Custom Celebrations and Correspondence

Printables 101

Now that you have the file its time to get them printed. You can either print your printables out on your home printer or have them printed by a professional printer of your choice. We recommend printing a sample so you can see the size of our invitations as well as the colors and quality of printing your home printer will produce. Don’t forget that paper choice is very important! If you print out the sample onto a piece of computer paper the quality will not look nearly as good as if you print it out on a textured piece of card stock.

Most all of our printables are formatted to fit on 8.5” x11” paper so they are faster and easier to print (no adjustments to your printer tray are needed to fit that 3×5 piece of paper!). Once they are printed, all you have to do is cut them out using the trim marks. We prefer to use a paper cutter, but a ruler and a cutting tool (such as an x-acto knife) works as well! If you prefer not to do the cutting yourself, you can take your printables to a professional printer such as FedEx Office to be cut professionally.