Cherish Creations

Custom Celebrations and Correspondence


What types of printing do you offer?

We are proud to provide offset, letterpress, and screen printing along with several high quality grades of paper.

How do I start a custom project?

We’d love to work with you on your custom stationery project. Take a look at our process here. You can also fill request a printing quote here.

What kind of custom projects do you do?

If you name it – we probably design it! We currently work on all types of stationery including wedding suites, save the dates, birth announcements, shower invitations, party invitations, holiday cards, etc. We are also known for our koozies, party napkins, banners, hand-lettered monograms, crests and stamps. Contact us and we’ll see what we can do for you!

Wait...what is letterpress printing?

Good question! Letterpress printing is an antique printing method that involves a raised form that is literally pressed into soft paper, such as cotton papers. This process leaves an impression that one can see and feel! Every sheet of paper is hand-fed into the press by the printer and each ink color requires a separate plate and run through the press. For this reason most letterpress printing involves only 1-2 colors. Due to the manual nature of letterpress printing slight variations may occur from piece to piece.

Can you work with my budget? How much will this cost?

Since our designs are carefully tailored for each client, our pricing is custom and needs to be handled on a individual basis. We offer three levels of our suites, in both digital and printed versions. The Ready-for-You, Semi-Custom, and Custom Suites. Typically our wedding suites start at $550.00 for flat printing and $1000.00 for letterpress, but we try to work within each client’s budget as much as possible. Please contact us for a custom printing quote.

Can you assemble and mail my invitations to my guests?

We sure can! Save The Dates and other single-card invitations start at $1 per set. Invitation Suites including more than one card start at $2 per set.

When should I mail out my save the dates?

Save the dates are generally mailed 3-10 months prior to the wedding date. 3-7 months is suggested for weddings with few out-of-town guests. 8-10 months is suggested for weddings with lots of out-of-town guests or destination weddings.

When should I mail out my invitations?

Wedding invitations should be mailed 6-8 weeks prior to the wedding date. 8-10 weeks is suggested for weddings with lots of out-of-town guests or destination weddings.

How much postage will my invitation require?

We can provide you with a postage estimate on your stationery item, but please note that every post office is different. You should always confirm the final postage amount with the local post office from where you plan to mail. On average, our save the dates or announcements range from $0.49 to $1 in postage while our wedding invitation sets range from $0.49 to $2 in postage. And always remember the following: be sure to stamp the reply envelopes in your invitation set as a courtesy to your guests and all square sizes require 20 cents extra postage.

Can you replicate a printed font like the one on my invitation?

We do not copy specific fonts, but we are happy to discuss options for tweaking one of the existing styles to compliment your invitations so everything has a cohesive look. If it is a typeface that we recognize and own it is not a problem! Drop us a line on our contact page and we’ll discuss how to create a beautiful design perfect for your specific event.

Can you provide the paper stock for my calligraphy needs?

Yes, we are happy to select the paper stock for your project and will add the expense as a line item on your final invoice.

Do you offer color matching to a specific color I'm using in my wedding?

We are happy to match the ink color of your calligraphy to your wedding colors. We prefer to match colors using a fabric swatch or paint chip since computer monitors can be different from one to the next. Please contact us directly to discuss the options for using color in your design.

When can I expect to receive my completed designs?

Timing for each project is different and it depends on the type of commission as well as the amount of pieces to be completed. You can use these estimated timelines to ensure your invitations and/or paper stock are ordered and delivered in time for your event.

Envelopes: 150-200 invitations generally take 4-5 weeks

Wedding Day Materials: 150-200 place/escort cards and 15-20 table names/numbers generally take 2 weeks

Handwritten Invitation Suite: a minimum of three months for 50 complete sets (Invitation and RSVP card) – additional time is required for envelope addressing

Custom Work: timing varies for custom projects, so please contact us for a quote

Help! We're under a time crunch - are rush orders available?

It depends on our current work load, but if we have the time, we are happy to put a rush on your order for an additional fee. Our rush order fee is 50% – 100% of the calligraphy service total, depending on how quickly you need your project turned around.

Oops! We forgot Aunt Suzie - what if we have any last minute changes to our guest list?

Not to worry – just send us your changes and we are happy to accommodate! Changes received prior to the receipt of your  invoice are reflected in the final payment due. Changes made after the final invoice are billed separately, and we keep a handful of extra envelopes and paper stock for just this reason.

Where do I send my envelopes or paper stock for my project?

We are happy to meet clients in person if you are located in the Dallas area. For our out of town clients, please send your materials (envelopes, place cards, paper stock, etc.) to the address provided to you.